Monday, May 21, 2012

Wet N Wild-Bow in my Presence

Wet N Wild Bow in my Presence, this is probably my favorite one from the Be Jeweled Collection.

These aren't the best photos as I took them while sitting in the gallery during my lunch period trying to be as discrete as possible.  I actually paint my nails up there sometimes too! I always feel completely rude though, because I never know if it's going to bother someone or not but, no one has said anything to me so far about it. Plus, I only have 8 more days of my high school career left...I don't think I'd care all that much if they did anyways!

Bow in my Presence is a gorgeous mainly icy blue glitter with multi colored hex glitter floating around in it. It flashes mainly pink and sometimes purple.  I used 3 coat and needed 3 coats of my NYC top coat to smooth out the bumpies.