Thursday, May 10, 2012

ASBMF: Butterflies

10 down only 4 more to go on this challenge! Today's challenge was butterflies and I thought I'd try out the cheapy stamping set I bought at Sally's a while ago. For my first time ever stamping I didn't think I did all that badly! Would have been better if the other half on the left wings transferred on to the nail but I figured I 'd take what I could get.  My base color is Color Club Hydrangea Kiss.  It's a beautiful periwinkle blue. Perfect for spring. It applied perfectly in two coats.  


  1. Very cute. That's the only downfall of stamping. No do-overs.

    1. Yeah I know :/ that's why I'm debating whether I should buy more plates or just not stamp. I had ruining manis.