Monday, May 6, 2013

Glitter Tips and Striping Tape

Happy Monday!

I've been itching lately to do a striping tape manicure, but I never seem to have the patience for it. But, today I desperately needed a mani pick me up, so it seemed like the perfect time to use it.

I opted for glitter tips, and one striping tape accent nail.  On every nail except for my ring finger, I sponged on Butter London West End Wonderland over my weekend mani of OPI Suzi Loves Cowboys. WNW is a major topcoat eater, so I followed it with 2 coats of Poshe.
 On my ring finger, I used Julep Zelda, which came in this months Julep Maven box.  Zelda is described as a pink champagne foil, and covered SLC in just one coat.

My cuticles are looking pretty awful, I'll have to tackle them tomorrow when I do my weekly maintenance.  They always seem to get like this whenever I begin to use Nail Envy again, I need to be a little bit more careful and avoid getting it on my cuticles.