Sunday, July 29, 2012

Zoya Wedneday and Essie A Cut Above

Heya! I hope y'all have had a great weekend! Mine was semi-eventful because my best friend is back in town from Arkansas! I was so EXCITED to see her! She went through my new helmer (I made Elle into my nail polish hoarder apprentice lol), and she met Woody as well!

 Before I can buy any new polish I have to get through ALL of my untried polishes.  I haven't counted all of them, but its mostly China Glaze On Safari and Hunger Games Collection, a couple of Essie's, and a handful of other randoms.
Here's 2 of those in the untried stash, Zoya Wednesday and Essie A Cut Above. Wednesday applied beautifully as most of my Zoya's do in 2 perfect coats. Wednesday has that China Glaze For Audrey type of look but to me it seems dustier.

Then I applied Essie A Cut Above. 1 coat ,and it applied nicely. 

In other twin, David,  Found. This. Blog. I'm not sure if I've mentioned this before, but I haven't told ANYONE about this besides my sorta boyfriend.  It was a lot less awkward than I thought, bit I made him promise he would tell no one.  Not that I'm embarrassed but because of the simple fact that my mother would readily tell everyone, and um, no thanks. My entire family doesn't need to know. 

Friday, July 27, 2012

A- England Tristam


Here's Woody "helping" me take pictures. Such a sweetie.

And here's the polish! A- England Tristam.  I picked this up and Lady of the Lake  when they had the Mythical 5 sale going on. I thought it take much longer to get these, but the shipping was free and SUPER fast.

Tristam is a gorgeous blue didn't photograph quite right, but at least you can see the holo goodness.  2 perfect coats.

And then I spectraflaired the thumb.  Couldn't help myself.

Have an amazing weekend! 

Thursday, July 26, 2012

Essie Penny Talk

Happy Thursday!

Meet my new baby! That's Woody, a stray we found, he(or she we haven't checked yet) decided to take up residence in our woodshed. I don't think he could have chosen a better place to stay, he didn't want anything to do with us at first, but now he knows who's feeding him and even comes when he's called.  I'm not sure if he'll be staying with us for very long though. :(
He has an appointment at the vet on Saturday. A part of me hopes he'll be a new member of my family, but at the same time if he has a family I hope we can find them. I can't imagine why a Persian cat would be a stray...

He looks so angry in these...I just think it's his squished face.  He was helping me take polish pictures :)

Essie Penny Talk. Looks completely different on the nail than in the bottle.
I was expecting a copper color but I'm really happy with the rose gold. 
 he formula still sucks though...its one of those that you just have to get used too. I applied one thick coat using as little strokes as possible, the second coat I applied a little thinner and was careful not to over work the polish. I didn't use a topcoat with this, good thing it drys so fast.

Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Spectraflair Topcoat (Pic Heavy)

Happy Tuesday!

I have no idea what I was thinking when I told myself I wasn't interested in getting a Spectraflair Topcoat. But then, I had $10 in Copious credits, so I figured I might as well go ahead and purchase them.  If I didn't like them, than no big deal.

And, well, I was wrong.  I'm completely 100% in love. 

Direct Sunlight

I applied one coat of Holo Topcoat 35 over 2 coats of OPI Suzi Loves Cowboys(one of my go to creme browns).

I love the way it dulls the base color it more a greyish toned brown. It's seriously stunning! 
I'm not exactly sure if topcoat will dull the holo or not, so for these pictures I didn't use any...I couldn't risk losing this beauty!

I hope you guys have an amazing day!

Friday, July 20, 2012

China Glaze Purr-fect Plum and Doll House!

Happy Friday!
I have two of my untried polishes to show you...China Glaze Purr-fect Plum and Dollhouse.  Purr-fect Plum is a beautifu plum pinky creme.  Applied beautifully, the formula was a little thinner than I thought it would be but, I didn't have any of problems with it.  2 coats.

 And then there's Doll House.  This was one of those polishes that I always meant to get around to picking up ever since I started collecting polish, and now finally have it! Dollhouse is just a simple large pink hex glitter in a clear base. I honestly can't remember how many coats I used...but I think it was around 4 or 5.

I hope you guys have an amazing weekend!

Thursday, July 19, 2012

Essie Good as Gold and China Glaze Man Hunt

Hey guys! I know its been forever since I posted last, and so much has been going on since then! I'm sorry I haven't updated.  I bought a helmer, got my hands on the entire China Glaze On Safari collection, and the Essie Mirrored Metallics, as well as some polishes from random China Glaze collections.

Here's my latest manicure! Super simple polka dots using China Glaze Man Hunt and Essie Good as Gold. I've been really into navy and gold lately, I'm not sure if its because my enlistment process is somewhat sorta on its way to finally starting(thankfully),or its just because they look amazingly fabulous together.
I'm LOVING all of the On Safari collection, Man Hunt applied beautifully and was perfect in 2 coats.

I can't say as much for Good as Gold, it was a pain to apply! I must have taken off my ring finger at least twice because of the streakiest, and bubbles that happened because I was over working the polish as I was applying it. Annoying yes, but Good as Gold is SO pretty I'd consider it worth it.

Saturday, July 7, 2012


Happy Saturday! How's your guys weekends been so far? Mine has been pretty good so far! My mom and I stopped by Ikea today and I bought a helmer, my Essie, Zoya, and Julep nail mail came as well! I got the Mirrored Metallics Collection, Zoya Dree, Helen, and Wednesday. And using my free polish voucher from my maven box this month which I let my guy pick, Julep Leah.
Today's manicure! I've gotten very much into nail art again, and what's as cute(and as simple) as a cupcake mani?

To be honest, I can't remember all the colors I used, but I do like them together!

 Because of a recent Photoshopping scandal that's been going around, and after reading an AMAZING post on it by Hannah, I've decided that my blog now is officially Photoshop free.  Which means no more airbrushing cuticle, rough skin, hangnails, or anything of the sort to improve my pictures.  What you now see is what you'll now get, and the picture of my thumb is proof of that. I know it's not the prettiest thing to look at, but hey, this is a blog about the love of nail polish, not about my skin. I know it's not looking its best lately, and I plan on taking care of it, I hope all of you understand.  And if you don't like it, sorry! 

Enjoy your weekend!

Badge made by Hannah!

Thursday, July 5, 2012

Loaded Leopard

I did my first leopard print nails...crazy right? I'm surprised it took me this long to actually get around to doing them... At first it was because I didn't have any dotting tools, and whenever I tried it looked straight up jank. This time I liked it a lot better.

I started off applying 3 coats of Illamasqua Load, gave myself a few seconds to giggle over the name... I mean who couldn't?
And then started applying my spots using Funky Fingers Kingston(orange), Funky Fingers Riot(purple), Sinful Color Fusion Neon(pink), and Sinful Colors Irish Green.

I love the way this came out...its pretty fierce lol! I've always loved neon leopard!

Who's ready for Friday?

Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Essie Stroke of Brilliance

Happy Tuesday!

Look how pretty! Essie Stroke of Brilliance over Essie Chinchilly, which is actually a pairing that Essie suggested on their promos for this new addition to the Luxeffects collection.  I got this along with A Cut Above, they're the perfect siblings!
I didn't do any cleanup on these because the power went out last night, and didn't come back on until 1 this afternoon.  Needless to say I was not a happy camper, and I was *this far* away from calling ComEd, and acting like the typical pissed off female. I thought it took them WAY to long to figure it out what the problem was, but that was just the hot,grumpy, sleep deprived Tess thinking, not the rational Tess thinking that the ComEd people are working as hard as they possibly can.  Thankfully I held myself back and whined to my brother about it when he got back from his camping trip.  :)
 This is 3 coats Chinchilly and 1 coat Stroke of Brilliance.  So pretty.  I've been on a glitter kick lately, and this is a perfect! I had no problems applying it, and it dried pretty quickly. 

Unfortunately for me, I'm on my first ever no buy.  My guy and I are planning on taking our first vacation together in December(granted I'm not active duty), and I need to start saving up. Which is sad, but I CAN NOT wait to go wherever we end up going together!

I hope you guys have a great day!