Monday, October 22, 2012

Adventure Red-Y and Gold Topcoat

Happy Monday!

I know I haven't undated since my VoxBox post, but as much as this kills me, I'm trying to ween myself away from always having my nails polished.  Starting November 6th, I'm taking classes to become a licensed esthetician! Not a lot of people know this, but before I ever got obsessive about nail polish I hugely into makeup.  Freshmen year of high school, my dream was it become professional makeup artist.  Things changed, I got tired of my makeup collection and moved on into polish. 
I really had no clue that I'd choose to go to school to learn about skincare...and makeup. 
I've never been interested really in skin care, except when my mother and I would go and get facial done, that was about the extent of how much I cared.  But, here I am! I'm so super excited actually! The bad part about going to school is that I can't have my nails painted!  :(
I DO still plan to join the US's REALLY important for me to keep the promise I made to myself to enlist myself in the military.  I guess I'll just have a hustle on the side or something ;)

Anywhoos! Here's what I'm wearing.  2 coats China Glaze Adventure Red-y and 2 coats of SOPI It's Real! 18k topcoat.

I think I'm the only one who's in love with the small gold flakes in this opposed to the flakes in the Zoya or OPI version!

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