Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Influenster Beauty Blogger VoxBox!

It's all wet :(
I got approved for the Influenster Beauty Blogger VoxBox!  This is my first VoxBox that I've received and I couldn't be happier with what I got, here's a super quick review on everything I've gotten.

 NYC IndividualEyes Custom Compact in Dark Shadow-

I was super excited about trying out this product, but unfortunately I was disappointed in it.  The eyeshadow colors are a typical smokey eye quad, with an eyeshadow base, and an illuminator included in the palette . The pigmentation on the shadows are nice, but they certainly don't compare to my favorite eyeshadow palettes from  Urban Decay. The eyeshadow base applied nicely, I haven't tested it out for longevity yet, though.  The best part of the palette in my opinion has to the illuminator! The pearly white color looks amazing on my cheekbones as a highlight!

 Kiss Ever Pro Lashes Starter Kit- I'm not a huge fan of strips of false lashes. I have very small almond shaped eyes, and adding a full strip of lashes usually makes me look like a blow up doll. Although the lash strips are not ideal for my eye shape, I do LOVE the glue and the tweezer like "Pro Lash Applicator".

Bath and Body Works Mini Candles in Black Pepper Bergamot- I was surprised to see a candle in a beauty box, but I love this product nonetheless. The scent is described as "Intricate layers of spicy black pepper combine with uplifting bergamot and lavender in a fragrance inspired by fall's changeable days".  To me, this is lovely masculine scent, it's spicy, and for some reason it smells kind of sexy.

Eboost- this is the only product I haven't tried yet. This is one of those powders you mix into water that are according to the packaging is to help Energy and Immunity, and it's in an orange flavor. 

Goody Simple Styles Spin Pin-I am so excited about this produuct! The second I saw the spin pin package I pulled them out and put my hair right into a bun and forgot to take a picture! I have long, thick, hair, and I only need one spin pin to hold it all up. I also love how they had directions to 3 different hair styles you can create using these.

Not Your Mothers Kinky Moves Curl Defining Hair Cream-   When it comes to hair products, the scent is almost more important to me than how well the product works.  I was pleasantly surprised that I fell in love completely with the scent and how well this product defined my waves/curls. On the packaging of Kinky Moves it says it's been infused with grape seed and jasmine, and the grape scent really comes through! I loved how it smelled when combined with Aussie Sprunch Hair Spray.

Vitabath Fragrance Mist in Cupcake Couture Luscious Lemon Creme- I was one of the lucky people to receive an extra item, and this is what I got! It's a body spray that's supposed to be moisturizing.  I hate to say this, but, urm...the scent I received reminds me of this delicious Coconut Lemon Cake my Daddy bakes.  Yeah, it's that SWEET smelling.  I'm not usually a fan of sweet perfumes, the only one I own, and use regularly is Warm Vanilla Sugar from Bath and Body Works, it's sweet, and yes, I do smell like a cookie when I use it.  But! I smell like a sexy cookie when I wear Warm Vanilla Sugar,  Luscious Lemon Creme makes me smell like a ten year old.  Honestly, if I was ten I would be ALL over this scent, now not so much. The scent does remain strong for a very long time though, so that's definitely a plus!

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