Sunday, June 24, 2012

Rainbow Favorites: Day 1- Red OPI An Affair In Red Square

Bec started this cute challenge that I'll be doing all this week, that's basically rainbow themed! Everyday(starting with red) we wear our favorite polish that's the color of the day.
Quick. Sweet. To the point.  Not the best photo I've ever taken.

My hands down favorite for red is OPI An Affair in Red Square. 2 coats. I've always had a little problem with this polish since I bought it a few years ago, always a bit goopy but still can flood my cuticles. This is my go to red, I wore this for an entire summer when I worked at a camp, wore it for my graduation, and even my best friend wore it prom. 

Check out all the other bloggers participating! 


  1. I love how it looks on you! I had a dupe for it and I just couldn't see myself wearing it. The friend who got it as a gift was super happy!!!!