Sunday, April 15, 2012


Ya'll I got to visit a Rite Aid while I was in New York, and it was right down the street from my hotel! I was so excited!  You may be thinking I'm a huge idiot because the thought of a drug store excites me so much, but we don't have Rite Aids in Chicago! I picked up a couple of polishes from there before I went to go see Priscilla Queen of the Dessert on Broadway. Which, I highly highly recommend if you're looking for a fun show to go to, and love drag queens LOL.

One of the polishes I picked up was Craze, a gorgeous fuchsia glitter in a clear base. I needed about 4 coats to get it completely opaque. It's a hungry glitter and needed about 3 coats of topcoat to smooth down, and as you can imagine it wasn't the easiest to remove!
But, look at that cap! What the heck is up with it?! It doesn't fit but it completely closes so there aren't any leaks, but it's not esthetically pleasing to look at.  I can't really complain for $1.99 a bottle though. 

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