Saturday, March 10, 2012

Make Mine Lime

I have another green polish to show you guys but, before that I have a teeny tiny rant for you guys. Nail Envy is NOT working for me as well as I expected it to.  I'm kind of sad about that, to tell the truth, I was hoping for it to be my holy grail product. I'm going to continue to use it until I run out and then maybe try something else. $16 is a lot to spend on a nail treatment that isn't working for me, especially since I've getting peelies like no ones business and they don't look/feel any stronger than before.  If anyone has any suggestion I'd love to hear!

Nicole by OPI Make Mine Lime
 HATE my cuticles and the break I had right after I applied this. Always a break right after I decide to grow out my nails, I ended up filing them to a length I think is my favorite, and it makes my triangle nail beds look less triangley. Plus, I attacked my cuticles and they look a lot nicer now!  My friend Mikey got me this for Christmas, and normally I wouldn't pick this out for myself but this is beautiful, even if it is on the sheer side (I used 3 coats). The tiny shimmers it are so beautiful. I'm defiantly going to wear this again.

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