Thursday, January 19, 2012

Professional 10 Moonlight

I'm FINALLY done with my first semester finals, so now I'm officially a second semester senior! I have the next 4 days off so I plan on getting a lot of nail things done, including swatching the order I made with the zoya promo! I also plan on doing a one week update with nail envy, I wanna document my entire journey with that $16 a bottle nail treatment (especially because I stalked my local target to get it).
Today I used Moonlight by Professional 10.  Love! It's a beautiful nude/gray color.  I HATE the brush on this polish though! Not necessarily the brush, just the wand.  It's super long and I felt like I didn't get the same control I get from other polish's with a shorter one.

As always, I didn't clean up for you guys :/ I should get on to doing that.

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