Sunday, January 15, 2012

Essie Shine of the Times

My first flakie ever! Unless you count the one I bought from Meyer's for 2 bucks, but I've never actually worn...I should get on that shouldn't I? I FINALLY found Essie's Shine of the Times along with finally getting my hands on some OPI Nail Envy at my local target.  It's either the nail fairies are good to me and they have everything they need, or they don't. Slightly frustrating, but as long as I eventually get what I want I'm good.   I used Nail Envy as my base,William Tell Me About OPI and Shine of the Time over all of that.  Its. So. Gorgeous.  I never thought I'd love flakies as much as I love this.  My lovely friend Marissa, who sits at my table in my Parenting Class spent a good amount of class time moving my fingers back and forth so she could see the flakies change colors lol! She's such a cutie, always looking at what I've done to my nails.

Tip wear... I know... 

That's why I used a funky french to cover it up so I could have these gorgeous nails for one more day!

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