Saturday, January 28, 2012

Pepe's Purple Passion

No cleanup... as usual for me...
First off, this sucker was very hard to get on my nails! I NEVER have an issue with getting a polish on perfectly, granted some aren't as perfect as I'd like so I use some clean up. But this was a whole other story. The constancy wasn't goopey, or too thick it was just weird.  The color is so gorgeous though, and totally worth it to me.  Even if I had to completely remove it from 4 fingernails and start over.
I got this as a part of my secret valentine gift on the Polish-Aholic Group on Facebook.  Stephanie got me 3 things to cross off my wishlist! I've wanted this one for since it's come out, because my first dog's name was Pepe.  Plus, I have that weird I need a nail polish just because it reminds me of someone problem.  Does anyone else have that issue? I feel sometimes like it's just me sometimes.

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