Friday, November 11, 2011

Tiny Nubbins...Again

I had a major nail break on my right hand last night :( I attempted to deal with having one hand grown out and one as tiny nubbins and I just couldn't do it... I felt ridiculous, so here I am.  Tiny nails again and awful cuticles.   *Sigh*

Aye! My cuticles... I apologize.
China Glaze Midtown Magic.  LOVE.  Metro Collection has been a huge hit for me.  Midtown Magic is a brown with amber and golden sparkles throughout it.  2 coats.  Gosh, could my cuticles get any worse?  I had an incident playing with my kitten, Trudie and her claw clipping a part of my cuticle off on my ring finger (its very obvious in pictures).  It also doesn't help its getting super cold in Chicago, and my hands aren't feeling it!

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