Monday, October 3, 2011

Car Manicures

I needed to do my nails badly.  So I brought along my lap desk and my box of nail care staples to go apple picking in Michigan with my family and some family friends. This year has officially been the 18th annual apple picking for us!  The ride was about 2 hours long and for almost the entire way I did a striped tape manicure using Butter LONDON Wallis and Suzi loves Cowboys by OPI.  I've been in love with SLC since I got it.  It's the perfect chocolatey brown color, and on a more conceited note it matches my eyes almost perfectly! Wallis is currently my favorite military-ish green color that's in my stash, so I thought the combo would be perfect together.
I originally thought I'd be able to take a picture while I was out in the orchard, but I was became busy eating apples, stepping on the rotten ones of the ground, throwing said squished rotten apples at my twin, and climbing trees so unfortunately, this is a very badly taken cell phone picture and I do apologize. 
I also apologize for the state of my nails! They need to be shaped, and my cuticles need some lovin'! I've been covered almost every day in a special disinfectant to get rid of MRSA, which I spray over everything, helmets, shoulder pads, tables, wrist bands, and the footballs themselves.  I should probably try using gloves when I'm disinfecting. 
I hope you all have a great week! 

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