Sunday, April 28, 2013

It's been a while...


Its been a long 5 months since I've been gone. I just (thankfully) graduated as an Esthetician from Tricoci Univeristy of Beauty Culture on April 9th.
Beauty school was...different. To be honest, I went in expecting something and that's not what I got. My education was phenominal, I had the most amazing educator. She's an incredible woman, and I was lucky to have her teach my class.
But, It probably should have been a redflag to me when the lovely admissions guy told me he hadn't seen an 100 on the admission exam in a VERY long time. To be completely honest, I couldn't believe what I'd gotten myself into when I met my classmates. Its pretty well known that my strong suit isn't getting along with other females, my 'suck it up and make it work' additude typically doesn't go over very well. I recognize that, so I try to become more sensitive, and understand not everyone can handle my personality. Its also my fault that I went in thinking I wasn't there to make friends, but to get an education, so I must have come off a little intimidating, or not as friendly as I really am.
Towards the third month into my program, I dreaded going to class. I can honestly say I did not enjoy my classmates, they were awful women. I was miserable, I came home multiple days a week crying to my mama, after taking out my frusterations on my poor boyfriend, and wondering why the heck I didn't go to college like my twin.
Now that I'm finally done with school, I'm so glad I went. I had amazing regulars, I met an amazing best friend, and I gained a skill that I can use for the rest of my life. I love making people feel beautiful, I can't describe how amazing it feels to give someone a facial, or to do their makeup and they can't stop looking at their skin.
I'm so proud of myself, I was the first to finish my 750 hours, never got a grade less than a 90, and I managed to keep a pretty face the entire time, I just made everything work. I'm still not sure if the beauty industry is the place I want to spend my life working in, but I'm only 19, I'll enjoy my life, take every adventure I possibly can, learn everything, and figure out all that stuff later.

I've missed blogging something awful. I never realized how much of an outlet this is for me. I miss connecting with other people. This entire post has been a crazy rant and I hope you guys don't kill me for having a sorts negative post as my first one back.

ANYWAYS!! Want to see some pictures, all of these are from my time at school.

That's my amazing friend CJ and I during makeup apps...and I managaed to ruin it by not sitting still. You can kinda see the OPI bottle she has tattooed on her forearm.

One of my bridal makeup applications

OPI My Vampire is Buff. Did I mention one of the perks of being a beauty proffessional is going to CosmoProf to pick out new polish? This is 3 coats, and one coat of seche vite. I've worn this quite a bit lately, I think it may have become a new favorite of mine!

I hope you guys have an amazing week! :P