Sunday, August 21, 2011

Jesse's Girl Glee Vs. Wet n' Wild Teal of Fortune

Pinky- Glee Ring-TOF Index- Glee Pointer- TOF

Pinky- Glee Ring-TOF Index- Glee Pointer- TOF

I finally got my hands on some Jesse's Girl Cosmetics after visiting my big brother at his base in Washington.  Overall the visit was amazing... but OMG! I got so many AMAZING polishes! My first ever Butter London purchases from these super cute boutiques, and the Riteaid near my hotel has a bunch of the Sinful Color's summer collections so I picked a couple from there.  And the little local family owned pharmacy had some amazing glass nail files for 5 bucks each... and ya'll know I picked some of those guys up.
The polish: Excuse my cuticles I had got a no chip manicure so I didn't have to worry about chips while I was on vacation. But that was a fail of a manicure... the nail technician was awful.  I was cleaning and organizing my stash of polish into sterilite containers by brand and came across how similar Glee and Teal of Fortune looked to me in the bottle.  TOF doesn't have the amazing yellowy gold flakiness that Glee has but it struck me to do a comparison.  TOF is much darker than Glee as you can see so they certainly aren't dupes for each other, and TOF doesn't stain my natural nail beds like Glee did.  Overall the application was great on both of the polish except for the wonky brush that came with TOF( the brush was splayed out in all directions).  

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